My Collies
This page was last updated: October 20, 2017
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Over the years my mother and I have been blessed to have own so many wonderful Collies.

While my mom is retired she still three dogs of her own!  One of them is Misty who is the dam to Chip my stud.  My numbers are low on females right now as I am starting from the ground up.  

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Here is my stud Goldleaf's Treasured Legend of Lassie AKA Chip. The picture on the left is him as a pup.

He was born and raised here with heavy Goldleaf lines.  Super sweet, with a sense of humor!  Pretty to boot!  Can you tell he looks like grandpa Scout picture above?
He is on the right with Poppy on the left. (Poppy will have info up on herself as well soon!)
Above is my girl Goldleaf's Valjaron Skye Clouds Princess. Or simply just Skye.  

She was born and raised here. I have waited a good ten years for a dog like her.  I had plans to show her but life got in the way.  She has siblings who have and are being shown.   Currently has a litter of 8!  She is super sweet and loves kisses.  That is Chip with her!