AKC Champion L'il Swiss Heart of the Storm
He is a gentle, loving guy who loves to be with the puppies, won in the show ring, and won our hearts. He is a rough, tri-factored, Sable and White. Recently retired, he is now living with my daughter.
tri head white collie female
AKC Susan Queen of Starry Nights

She is a tri-head White and is now retired from breeding.
Her video is on the Videos page.
My Collies
AKC Goldleaf's Treasure Map

Sable and White with both tri-factor and white-factor. Normal eye.
merle head white collie female
AKC Magic's Perfect Pearl

I loved her so much. She passed away 10/6/10.
Misty is her daughter.
This page was last updated: May 4, 2017

AKC Goldleaf's Glass Slipper

Passed on in 2013.
A real sweetheart.
Dogs are not our whole life, 
but they make our lives whole.

-Roger Caras 
from the 1980's, Collie on jumper with little girl, hugging
My daughter, Jamie, with Cindy. 
Cindy was our first tri-color collie. 
We all loved her dearly!
3 mo. Half-off Gold & Platinum
AKC Champion collie, Winsotn
AKC Goldleaf's Dreams Come True

Ginger and Buddy are her parents. She is the first puppy we kept out of our litters. Tri-factored, white factored.
AKC Goldleaf's Song in My Heart

Emma and Winston's daughter.
Sable and White with both tri-factor and white-factor. Normal eye.
Beautifuk Reba, female sable collie
AKC Goldleaf's Same Day Delivery

Daughter of Pearl and Buddy.
Sable/Merle with Normal eyes.
Our collie, James, with Gerry, 
and the boys- Mike and Chris. 
We were at Big Bear, CA. 
This was before we had Jamie.
Cinnamon and Mike.
Ed and Gerry Burdette 
AKC Collie Breeders
285 County Road 1675 North
Seymour, IL 61875
Cell- 217-649-3189
Retired or passed on, but we love them and still want to show them off!

Retired Diva went home with Trish and Tom.
My daughter, Jamie, with Scout and his daughter, Misty.
June 2011.
AKC Goldleaf's Midnight Sun


His parents are Enya and Winston! In this picture, he was only one-year-old.

Retired to AZ and now has Debbie wrapped around her paw!

Blue Genes
AKC Goldleaf's My Favorite Blue Genes
Daughter of Abbey and Howard
CH Winston's granddaughter!
AKC Goldleaf's Collector's Edition

Non carrier of CEA
A descendant of the collie who starred as Lassie in latest movie!

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