Megan with sable puppy
You have come to the right place to see collie puppies.

I breed AKC rough collies and I love it.

Lassie was my favorite TV show! I even wrote an essay in the 60's to enter in a 'Win a Lassie' contest. 

My husband and I have owned collies since we got married over 44 years ago.  We moved to the country in 2000 and were able to set up a wonderful collie breeding program.

The two paramount concerns for our collie breeding program are that our collie puppies are healthy and become a family member.

Thank you for coming to Goldleaf Collies. 
I hope you enjoy your visit.

Directory of Menu Links
I raise collie puppies. Look here for a puppy! 

Latest News-
List of our puppies' names.
Find out how I ship puppies
The link to our collie blog:
and other information I have. 

Puppy Pics-
I love to take pictures of the puppies. All colors, all sizes, all collies!

My Collies-
See the collies I own, all AKC rough collies. 

Useful information and pictures, including a trip to the Ophthalmologist.

New Families
The families with their new puppy
going home!

Growing Up-
Pictures sent back to me of "my" puppies at their new homes, soon after they arrived and years later. 

Q & A-
New pages with information. The link is here, in blue, and at the bottom of every page.
This is the end of the first page, but we have so much more for you to see.

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Before I took the picture at the top of this page, 
here is what was happening:
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