and then its nap time!
One                  Two                     Three             Four, 
and Five!
collie with cat
not a puppy.
Puppy Pics
puppies at rest
Pearl's tri-color puppy girl.
collie eyes take nearly two weeks to open. How cute is this!
One of the last pictures we took  of Murphy before he went to Vermont with Sadie.  Luckiely we get pictures back of them.
My daughter Jamie playing with Sadie. It certainly helps to teach them what is good puppy manners.
Jamie with Enya who is maybe 3 weeks old!
Prince and Cassie is a pose we turn into a humanized moment of affection. Very sweet.
Duke as an ornery little guy. Flo says he is incredibily smart! See him on the grown-up page  with Courtney at a show.
My grandson, Logan, with the Susie/Winston puppy named Wesson who now lives in New Mexico with the Ginger/Winston puppy known as  Smith. Smith and Wesson are featured in other pictures as adults on the website.
Serina as a tiny baby. She is a white factored sable of Susie's with Winston. Serina is a lovely young lady who still comes here for "daycare" twice a week. I had her in video too.
Three tri girls from  two litters in 2007.
Our first litter in 2006.
Murphy and one of his brothers, probably Prince. Summer babies are so much fun to let outside for a romp in the green grass.
A Pearl and Winston girl, Cassie. She has tons of charactor- very attentive to people, friendly, and investigated everything with confidence.
One of my favorite pictures. Winston is gentle with the puppies. He wants to be with them and will bring toys to them. Here his is with Lindy from
A puppy on the day he was born.
Goldleaf collies playing in the not-so-gold leaves. These puppies are out of  Pearl, a blue, a sable/merle and two tris. They take a lot of time at this age, almost 8 weeks old, but they are a joy to have!
This is the heart marking on a puppy named.....Heart! 
I could hardly believe what I was seeing!  Valentine's Day was the last day I had her here. She flew out to WA to Barbara the next day.
One of Pearl's puppies and one of Ginger's, listening carefully. OK, they were looking but it was just the wind that popped one ear of each up in the wind. Hey, you take a cute picture whenever you can!
Zach with 5 puppies on a pleasant day in March, 2009. No green grass yet, but there's a red toy and a blue one!
This tri girl is older than the sables by one month. What a character!
Sometimes, taking a picture of a puppy at my feet  turns out just fine! She's so cute.
Ginger playing with her puppy.
This is Jamie and our very first litter in 2005. I  always feel extra happy when I see this picture.
This cute little girl will steal your heart!
She looks like Winston!  Our first tri-color puppy.
Clark found his reflection in the mirrow and tried to play with that other puppy.
A grouping of two litters.
When Riley was still with us, we took him to a park. That's where we got this "Lassie" picture.
We have a few blues and this one is exceptionally cute.
His name was Chief, Griffie, then Newly.
Puppy hugs!
Winston and son.Escher
Escher, marching down our sidewalk.
Emma's all sable litter
Born on the same day!
Playing with her puppy.Hannah
Hannah with Susie and puppies.
Hi!  Would you pick me up?
Two weeks old
Winston checking out where the new tree is going to be planted. His son is imitating his every move.
A little nose snuggle for a baby from Logan.
This cutie stayed here. It's Enya!
So tiny still! Megan loves to help me out.
Madge when she first started her modeling career.
Max at 6-weeks-old.
Max and Alfie. Before Max went home and when Alfie come back to get a little sister puppy.
Little Maggie.
Diva's second litter at 6-days-old.
Apache in the green plants.
Sabrina visiting Pandora before she could take her home!
Prince, looking appropriately named!
Our three whites in one litter: Jazz, (WA), Madge and Enya, (FL-together).
Ruby, still hungry,
When Pan was little and Sabrina visited.
Stormy on a pillow before his trip, by car, to Boston, MA.
Sunshine sleeping in the "barn".
Susie Q's two, almost matching, boys.
Hey, that's my tail!
Me and Maggie! Her new owner, Jeanette, took this picture while I had my last Maggie hug.
Emma with her 2011 puppies. Dad, Scout, is in the shade!
Reba's puppies held by a family who will be taking one, Caymus, home.
Reba with Monica. 2011.
Emma with her's 2011.
Sleeping under a child's picnic table.
Little guy chewing on teddy's toes.
Karen, a friend of mine, visiting our puppies.
Logan with Enya when they were younger!
Mary  had to play for a while before taking Sugar home.
Zach, our grandson, with Ruby, Emma and Winston's daughter.
Susie was such a good mother! She's retired now.This is
Murphy is so sleepy but not sleeping yet! I always put them inside at night and he's waiting to go there. The other puppies are 5 days younger and went to sleep.
Taffy giving her mama a kiss.
Megan and Cooper.
Here are even more pictures. Click on a picture to see it larger.
This page was last updated: July 13, 2017

Photos of our puppies from several litters, 

ages 1 day to 10-weeks-old. 

48 pictures in 2 minutes:
For pictures of the puppies sent back to me go to:  Growing Up.

You can click on the page New Families to see the puppies with their owners.
3 month old sable collie male
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Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, Peyton
Lovely collie puppy, PeytonLovely collie puppy, Peyton
row of puppies outside
visitor with a fluffy puppy, 8 wks old
Thanks Jim, for your help with socializing puppies. Jim's wife, Diane, is in many of our pictures and videos. Its wonderful to have dog lovin' friends.
baby kissed by collie
This is our grand daughter, Hailey, with Abbey, 
born on the same day. 
litter of puppies getting hugs
Jamie, our daughter,
 "on the job". 
"You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'" -- Dave Barry
I hoped to get a picture of the puppies in a basket, so I gave them a chance to get familiar with it first. 

After these antics, I decided that was enough "basket" time!
* We have 30 families with two Goldleaf Collies.

*14 families have two puppies growing up together. 

*16 families now have their second/third Goldleaf Puppy.

* Vermont, Florida and Virginia- the longest drives to come here for their puppy/puppies. 

* The longest flight was to Alaska.

* Puppies who live within approximately 10 miles of us: Lucy, Chloe, Lindy and Megan,      Charlie, Serina, Max, Cory, Nicholas and Susie, Jeremiah,Truly, and Auggie.

Here are some of the names of Goldleaf Collie Puppies, including seven puppies we kept for ourselves:

Abbie, Abby, Abbey, Alaska, Alfie, Alice, Alvin, Amber, Annie, Apache, Artic, Augusta, Bailey, Bandit, Barbossa, Barklay, Bear-2, Beauty, Bey Bey, Bella-4, Bella Jade, Bhreagha, Billie, Blaze, Blue Genes, Bobby,  Boone, Brink, Bruno, Buck, Buddy, Buehrle, Buster-2, Cairo, Caleb, Callie, Camie, Caption Jack Sparrow, Cassie, Caymus, Chance, Charley, Charlie-2, Charley,Charlotte, Chloe-3,  Clark, Cleo, Classie, Clementine, Comet, Cooper, Cozy, Daniel, Desi, Duchess, Duffy, Duke-2,  Duncan, Eli, Ella-2, Emellebea (MLB), Enya-2, Escher, Finn, Fitzhugh, Forrest, Gentleman Jack, Gertie, Grace, Graham, Griffie, Griffin, Goldie, Guinness, Hachilah (Lila), Hasten, Heart, Hobbs, Holiday, Holly, Howard, Hugo, Isaac, Jake, Jameson, Jasper, Jazz, Jazzie Jeremiah, Jingles, Jo, Joey, John Silver, Junior, Justice, Kassie, Katie, Kaymus, Kellie, Kingston, Lacie, Lady, Lannie, Lassen, Lassie-3 , Laylla, Leaf, LeeLu, Lexi, Lily Lynn Rose, Lindy, Logan, Lola-2, Lucy, Luke, Mack, Madden, Madge, Maggie-2, Madison, Maya-2, Max-2, Megan, Mishka, Misty, Mogul, Molly-2, Murphy-2, Newly, Nicholas, Nina, Oddie, Ollie, Opal, Ozzie, Pabu, Pandora, Peanut, Penny, Pepper, Perry, Peyton, Prince-2,  Raiser, Ranger, Reba, Reese-2, Riley-2, Ripley, Rocky-2, Rodeo, Rosebud, Rosie, Rough, Roxie, Ruby, Russel, Sadie-4,  Sadie Mae, Sandy, Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Sandy, Sasha, Sassafras (Sassy),Scout-3, Seamus, Serina, Shasta, Shelby, Sienna, Simon, Smith, Sofie, Spartacus (Sparty)-2, Spencer Seymour, Strider, Stormy, Sugar, Taffy, Tango, Tassie, Thomas, Tigger, Tilli, Timmy, Toby-2, Toffee, Tony, Tomas, Truly, Tucker-2, Wallace, Walter, Watson, Wiley, Winter, Wesson, Wolfgang, Yardley, Yogi and Zela!

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