Growing Up
Tango- named by her nice stepping moves, like her Mom, Ginger.Wallace at his first show.Molly with her buddy in KY.Prince at 9 months old. He is a sable/merle from Winston and Pearl. This is in Idaho.Here is Prince's close up. Very handsome.Escher in the snow, Sent to me as a beautiful Christmas card.TuckerMollyMolly with her friend, a Great PyrnessTuckered out TuckerHeart at the VetLexi is on our left, Sasha is on our right. Lexi is a Susie and Winston puppy, now an adult. Sasha is a Pearl and Winston puppy, here at 9 months old.Sasha poses for the picture. She is our first Blue Merle born here, out of Pearl and Winston. She lives with the "half sister" Lexi, who is an older puppy of Susie and Winston's.What a glamous picture! 
I received a wonderful letter with the picture about how much they love her- I can tell! Shasta getting something to drink. Many of us have tried this method.Ollie and Walter, who live in Californis, but went to play in the snow. Ollie is a Ginger Winston puppy from June, 2007.Sweet Heart, at home in WA. She is a Diva and Winston baby from Dec, 2008.Lola and Lisa on their first day. Lola is a Diva and Winston puppy, Dec 2008, and flew to Alaska in Feb 2009.Peyton and Samantha at the water's edge on the East coast. Peyton is a Ginger and Winston puppy from Sept 2008.Jazz,  sleepy boy, was born Dec 27th, 2008. He is one of Pearl and Buddy's. Celebrates the exact same birhday as my grand daughter. He lives in WA with Barbara. Ken with Alvin. The object in front is the top of a yard lamp!
Alvin now has a new goldeaf collie baby to share the attention with. My first picture of a puppy dressed up. This is Alfie in his stylish raincoat!Alfie, without his coat on!Lisa and Lola playing in the snow. How wonderful for both of them.Lola with Micheal at obedience class. She's a good listener.Jim and Dee brought Max back to visit his parents, Buddy and Ginger.  At only one-year-old, he is already much bigger than either of the parents! They are so proud of him and for good reason- he is beautiful and very well behaved. Kudos to them for all they've done accomplish that.Here is Jazz at only 14 weeks and at a show, learning all about it.Jazz with  his owner's "show buddy". I can see she's very used to all of this enviroment and he's not so certain about it.Tigger now lives on a horse farm and is learning so much about the daily routine there. I hear he is very attached to his new Mom and goes with her everywhere. I can tell by her phone calls that she is very attached to him too!Michael with Lola.Sid and Alfie enjoying the moment.Ok, so two sisters aren't always posing pretty by the pool! I just love this playful picture because this is what I see often while I'm raising a litter.Now, they are watching the edge of the water together. I'm told they stay together all the time and seem to move as a unit!Julia hugging one of her two white collies. This one is Madge, I'm pretty sure.Another spring, and another picture of Molly, posing the same and even more elegant!Escher and MonicaTucker in Idaho with Healy, his mentor. Tucker is a Pearl Winston puppy.Maya is in CA and her owner sent me this lovely picture! Maya was born in Jan 2009, out of Emma, by Winston. She looks so settled into her new place.Bella at Christmas.Mary was able to get this candid shot of Sid and Alfie. It has a certain intimate mood to it with a sense of location as well.Smith and Wesson. One is Ginger/Winston and the other is Susie/Winston, both of 2007Cooper, Susie/Winston 2009. when he first went home.Cooper with his new "sister" Autumn. She needed another collie in the house!  Cooper was so spoiled by Susie Q I'n really glad he was so fortunate to have Autumn in his new place.Tucker, (Ginger/Winston), and Healey  in their lovely garden in CA. Tucker is the younger one, one the ground.This is Lola on her first birthday, with her hat on!For only one-year-old, and a girl, Lola surely has a great coat already.Ollie going on a road trip. He's won at shows, best of class and best of breed.  Jeanne is very proud, rightfully so!Max and Doug at my house during a visit to Max. Doug is going to retire soon and take Max then.Pamela sent me this beautiful picture! Tucker has grown into the perfect model!Cozy, at one-year-old, in the New Jersey snow!Laddie at home with Alvin. Both are Goldleaf Collies. They each have one tan leg and one white leg. Bella and her new parents. She's out of Emma, by Winston, Jan 09. Holding Tassie and loving every bit of her!Here's a really good view of Cozy. She's out of Diva, by Winston, just gorgeous!Alfie, Sid and Mary's first Goldleaf Collie.Bella Jade when she first went home.Bella Jade when she was here for a visit a year later than the previous pictureWith her family, who now call her Bella.Caleb now at home. He is a puppy of Diva's by Buddy in March 2010.Caleb again, looking very good!Caleb has a doggie bed of his own now!Cooper, Susie's baby by Winston 2009. His is gorgeous!Cooper again, this is at only 7 months old.Cooper inside, being very good.Cosy is a Diva/Winsotn puppy, born 12/12/08.Cosy and her sister at home in NJ.In the Gold Leaves!!
Thanks, Cosy's Mom, for this.Cosy showing off her white undercoat, very pretty.Isaac and cat gazing out the window, a very relaxing photograph.Isaac at 16 months old. He is Ginger and Winston's puppy.Jake and Luke sharing a bed. Jake is a white puppy out of Diva by Buddy.Jake, with no modesty, is sound asleep on Luke's tail.Jake watching TV. He was born 3/4/10, so I hope its an age appropriate show!Julia with one of her two white collies, and a friend.Julia with both of her white collies, Madge and Enya. They were born to Pearl and Buddy on 12/27/08.Kallie and Kassie. One of them is Buddy's sister!Kassie is Buddy's littermate. I had named them Donnie and Marie, but they went seperate ways and were renamed.Lacie is a lovely girl, of course......she's Emma and Winston's daughter.Here's Lola in the family picture. I love it when the collie is brought in for the picture too!Alfie came to visi, (getting a sister-puppy), and I still had Max. The boys were able to run together and enjoy it completely. Alfie even went down the steps. See the video where he just wasn't ready!Max, born 10/8/09, to Pearl and Winston, in front of his house with his "pet" Doug.Max's Graduation Day.Tucker with his owner. I can see the affection!Laci, sent to me by Mike's phone! Murphy and Sadie, the Christmas picture sent to me.Blaze on his first birthdayHasten lives in Florida with a family of four. The Mom is a professional photographer so he can be her perfect model.Lucy on the far right.Katie in Florida. She looks like Winston!Lindy and Megan.Lindy in such a pretty setting.Murphy and Sadie, far from Illinois but in a perfect place!Murphy in a picture all by himself.Murphy and Sadie when they first went home to VT.  Both are Ginger/Winston puppies of 2007.Amber, showing off her lovely coat inherited from Dad, Winston and all that white, from her Mom, Susie. She was only a one-year-old in this picture.Smith and Wesson, New Mexico. Wesson is in front, he is Susie's son, see the white factoring he has? Smith is Ginger's son, they look like quite a set!Wallace, Ginger and Winston son- of their first litter.Wesson, without Smith, a Susie/Winston puppy 2007. Not even one-year-old yet and as handsome as ever! Winston son who will darken as he gets older yet. See the white factoring he got from his Mom, Susie?Shasta with Bill, in front of the CA Mountain that Bill named Shasta after.Victoria with her boy Clark, a Pearl and winston puppy from January 2008.Shasta at the beach, taken by Bill of his wife and their puppy.Amber, now from Wisconsin, in their Christmas card picture.Luke, from Ginger and Winston's first litter. He was tube fed for two weeks, and he survived. He grew up to be  absolutely beautifull.Annie at her new home. She is Ginger and Winston's puppy from 2005.Annie at her new home. She is Ginger and Winston's puppy from 2005.Bella, our first Bella, at home with the lab.Cassie and Toby at home in Ohio.Chole at  home in Champaign.Lexi and her family.Cindy with Lexi on a hike.Courtney took Duke to a show.Duke won a trophy for Courtney!Timmy at work in NJ. He was featured on the Lassie Dog Food website! He is a ginger & winston puppy from June 2007.Kallie and Kassie doing the homework.Lexi with her new puppy, Sasha. Lexi is a Susie/Winston puppy from June 2006, now grown up, and Sasha is a Pearl/Winston puppy from January 2008.Marki with Wallace, a Ginger/Winston puppy from November 2005. She has shown him at an AKC show using his favorite bait- chicken McNuggets!Murphy looking great and they tell me his personality is great too!Toby is where he wants to be- behind the "John".Sadie, one of the smartest dogs there is- proof by how much she can get into. Her Mom tells her its a good thing she is so pretty!Sadie's close-up.The tri is Lexi,  Susie's puppy, now a year old and the blue is Sasha,  Pearl's from 2008. Lexi getting a little bit of spoiling!Shasta, Owned by Bill in CA, and the model for the blog article Bill wrote on ear setting.Cassie the tri, Pearl/Winston 2008 and Toby the sable, Ginger/Buddy 2008. Now in Ohio and so  very comfy with each other! Remington built this house for Prince! His Aunt Barbi owns the puppy and lives in Idaho.Smith is grown up here. He is a Susie/Winston puppy and is half of a 'team". See the next picture..........................Wesson is a Ginger/Winston puppy, now an adult!  He looks so much like Ginger, only bigger and with a heavier coat. Of course, because he's a male.Here are Smith and Wesson together.Our first puppy named Bella. She is now an adult and is really beautiful! How did they get her posed so well with two others!?Healy, on the left, and Tucker, on the right, are sitting on the top edge of a hill. They were watching children playing. Tucker is a puppy from Pearl and Winston. This is a lovely shot of her two collies together!Bella with her banana split Halloween costume. Yummy.Bella in FL with her grampa. Relaec and easy on the eyes!Kaymus with his new Best Buddy and all of the toys. He went to FL, but it looks like he might think he went to heaven.A fun struggle with one of those prceious toys! Maggie went home and then it was pumpkin time! What a lovely picture her owner took!Tucker and one of his new family members, Chloe.Tucker meets Riley, the big blue merle.Tucker meets Sean, the sable, like him!Time for Tucker to get a good rest.Watson, Pearl/Winston, looking so handsome and grown up. But he still has a ways to go!Ruby, looking bigger every day. She still very young here, Emma/winston, 2010.Bella sleeping with intensity on her face! Pam getting ready to drive home with Abbie.Abbie at home. She is a Susie/Winston puppy. Their last girl since Susie is now retired.Cosy in the gold leaves of New Jersey.Jake, our first white puppy with no body spots, Diva/Buddy puppy 2010.Kaymus, our second white puppy with no body spots, Reba/Scout, 2010.Kaymus with his two buddies in FL.Lola, a Pearl/Scout puppy 2010, at her new home.Lola again, a darling  sable /merle with blue eyes and, as her mom says, a lot of energy but we love her dearly.Alvin and Laddie, two goldleaf collies from different years. After having Alvin for a while, they saw Laddie and cmae for him too!Maggie in her yard in MI. She is a Reba/Scout puppy from 2010.Max and Carol. He is a one-year-old now. They brought him by to visit us.Max is Pearl and Winston's son. Now, he's sure Doug and Carol are his parents.Ella and her friend, a relative's samoyed.Ella's friend is Misha. Ella's 3 month portrait. She is a Reba/Scout baby, 2010.Our third blue puppy is now Kyrie's Griffen.
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The "New Families" pictures, 
taken when the puppy was picked up, were saved on another page, click: HERE.
So many beautiful, and funny, pictures have been sent to me of the puppies as they adjust to their new homes and grow up. 

Go to: "Growing Up 2",  to see the very lastest pictures!
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Bella at 6 months, posing like the beautiful model she is! 

Bella is Reba and Scout's daughter.

Thanks, Bret, for sending me this sweet picture of Alexis with Jameson.
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Here are some of the names of Goldleaf Collie Puppies, including seven puppies we kept for ourselves:

Abbie, Abby, Abbey, Alaska, Alfie, Alice, Alvin, Amber, Annie, Apache, Artic, Augusta, Bailey, Bandit, Barbossa, Barklay, Bear-2, Beauty, Bey Bey, Bella-4, Bella Jade, Bhreagha, Billie, Blaze, Blue Genes, Bobby,  Boone, Brink, Bruno, Buck, Buddy, Buehrle, Buster-2, Cairo, Caleb, Callie, Camie, Caption Jack Sparrow, Cassie, Caymus, Chance, Charley, Charlie-2, Charley,Charlotte, Chloe-3,  Clark, Cleo, Classie, Clementine, Comet, Cooper, Cozy, Daniel, Desi, Duchess, Duffy, Duke-2,  Duncan, Eli, Ella-2, Emellebea (MLB), Enya-2, Escher, Finn, Fitzhugh, Forrest, Gentleman Jack, Gertie, Grace, Graham, Griffie, Griffin, Goldie, Guinness, Hachilah (Lila), Hasten, Heart, Hobbs, Holiday, Holly, Howard, Hugo, Isaac, Jake, Jameson, Jasper, Jazz, Jazzie Jeremiah, Jingles, Jo, Joey, John Silver, Junior, Justice, Kassie, Katie, Kaymus, Kellie, Kingston, Lacie, Lady, Lannie, Lassen, Lassie-3 , Laylla, Leaf, LeeLu, Lexi, Lily Lynn Rose, Lindy, Logan, Lola-2, Lucy, Luke, Mack, Madden, Madge, Maggie-2, Madison, Maya-2, Max-2, Megan, Mishka, Misty, Mogul, Molly-2, Murphy-2, Newly, Nicholas, Nina, Oddie, Ollie, Opal, Ozzie, Pabu, Pandora, Peanut, Penny, Pepper, Perry, Peyton, Prince-2,  Raiser, Ranger, Reba, Reese-2, Riley-2, Ripley, Rocky-2, Rodeo, Rosebud, Rosie, Rough, Roxie, Ruby, Russel, Sadie-4,  Sadie Mae, Sandy, Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Sandy, Sasha, Sassafras (Sassy),Scout-3, Seamus, Serina, Shasta, Shelby, Sienna, Simon, Smith, Sofie, Spartacus (Sparty)-2, Spencer Seymour, Strider, Stormy, Sugar, Taffy, Tango, Tassie, Thomas, Tigger, Tilli, Timmy, Toby-2, Toffee, Tony, Tomas, Truly, Tucker-2, Wallace, Walter, Watson, Wiley, Winter, Wesson, Wolfgang, Yardley, Yogi and Zela!

Goldleaf Collies reside in 33 different states: 

and Canada
* We have 30 families with two Goldleaf Collies.

*14 families have two puppies growing up together. 

*16 families now have their second/third Goldleaf Puppy.

* Vermont, Florida and Virginia- the longest drives to come here for their puppy/puppies. 

* The longest flight was to Alaska.

* Puppies who live within approximately 10 miles of us: Lucy, Chloe, Lindy and Megan,      Charlie, Serina, Max, Cory, Nicholas and Susie, Jeremiah,Truly, and Auggie.

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