Videos taken over the years are collected here for your easy access. 

 Puppies are featured in most of them but some are of my adults in their everyday life.
This video is packed with puppy pictures from three of our litters. 
My girl Susie Q, having a good day. She was on a mission and didn't seem to care that I was standing there, spinning around to keep the camera on her. 
I didn't know what she was going to do. 

I want to do that too!
It is a challenge for puppies to learn to go up and down steps.
Up is easier than down! One of the puppies is not so sure he wants to take this leap! 

Alfie came baclkfor a visit a year later. His parents picked out a puppy sister for him, and he went down the same deck steps just fine!
Video on the right:
The puppies play with a fun new toy. 
Watch what happens to the leg that falls off.
See two litters and  four grandchildren while my daughter-in-law is recording. I enjoy watching this short video!
My family and friends cuddling and playing with puppies.

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March 2009
First there are three. Reba goes and gets the fourth one, Bella! You can see Lassie's unusual markings when she looks down. Riley talks. Lassie welcomes Bella to the line-up with a few kisses. Riley makes himself comfortable, but stills talks!
May 2008
My first puppy video!

These are Pearl and Winston's puppies from their first litter together.
Enya's puppies 2010.
Enya is a puppy we kept here, 
out of Ginger by Buddy in 2008. 
The puppies are her first litter, by Winston.
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28 videos,
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New on Sept 2013:
How to Blow dry a collie
We have a cat named "T". 
She teaches new puppies that cats are different.
These sable puppies bother their brother! Then they act like it wasn't them.
Diva and Buddy's seven puppies. They were born March 14th.

What do puppies do this early in life?
Enya and her puppies 
enjoying a day outside.
She's having fun with her babies!
A short video of the puppies from spring of 2010 in our yard.
Diva, our tri-color, with her and Buddy's puppies.
Born 3/14/2010.
Pearl and Scout's puppies before they went outside.
Ed playing with 5 of Pearl's puppies.
See Alice, Sadie, Cookie, Riley, and Justice. 
Enya and Scout's puppies.
Enya and Scout's puppies.
Reba's puppies at 7-weeks-old. 
She is so patient with them, all 11!
Reba's 2010 puppies at 4-weeks-old. 
There are 11 puppies!
Taking Pictures of Puppies.
Reba's 2011 puppies.
Hailey is two-years-old and wants to take pictures!
Puppies are Falling Over!
The family that Caymus will be going home with took this video. It was at the end of their visit. 
Also falling over is Sugar and Joey.
Good Boy Puppy

Emma and Scout's  
sable head White, 2011.

So well behaved, only 9 weeks old in this video.
 Bill's has two Goldleaf collies.

Please watch as Bill demonstrates how to blow dry a collie with Lassen.
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