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Q. Are you able to transport your Collies anywhere in the U.S.A.?

A. Yes, we regularly use the airlines. Sometimes this is dependent upon the destination and/or weather as to which way we will deliver your puppy. We desire to provide the safest route possible, with the least amount of stress for your new Collie. 

Q. How old does my puppy have to be before it can be delivered by the airlines, or ground transportation?

A. The puppy is required to be at least 8 weeks old.

Q. How do I reserve a puppy Collie puppy?

A. A deposit of $200 the total purchase price is required to hold any puppy until delivery. The remaining balance is required to be paid in full at least 7 days before the transport date, unless a direct deposit is made or you are arriving in person with cash. All funds need to clear before delivery.

Q. Is my deposit transferable if I should change my mind and want a different puppy?

A. Yes, the deposit is transferable to any of our puppies.

Q. Is my deposit completely refundable if the puppy does not pass the health check, or cerf exam?

A. Yes, your deposit is completely refundable, or transferable to a different Collie.

Q. Is my deposit completely refundable if I change my mind on purchasing a puppy from an upcoming litter, or available litter, after I have reserved it?

A. No. If you change your mind after reserving a puppy, there will be a $100.00 non-refundable fee. Please make sure you are looking for a puppy before putting a deposit down on one. This is one of the reasons that I have a FAQ's page to assist families before purchasing a puppy. Our desire is for each family to be "sure about their decision, and committed to their puppy" once deciding on purchasing one from an upcoming litter, or one that is already available.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 

A. We accept cash, pay pal, personal check, cashier's check, and money orders.

Q. I don’t want to take possession of my puppy at 8 weeks old. Can I wait until it is a little bit older?

A. Yes, we occasionally will make arrangements to hold onto puppies/adults for longer periods of time; a small fee is involved.

Q. What type of Dog Food do you recommend?

A.  We are using Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For Pets.  It is Veterinarian-formulated and includes only "Human-quality", "Holistic" ingredients, to ensure the health and well-being of dogs (and cats).  NO recalls like so many other brands have had on the market!

We have found this brand includes ONLY "human-quality" ingredients, which in turn means a healthier Collie.  It contains no wheat, corn, potentially harmful chemical additives, artificial colors or flavors.  Their holistic foods are made with an exclusive "fast-cook" process, to lock in natural flavors and nutrition, in order to help build a strong foundation for a long and healthy life for your pet.  They eat less, poop less, and their stools are firmer - it is very cost effective and is delivered right to your home!  

We will provide a bag of dog food with your Collie when it is delivered. We stand behind their products with a 30 day money-back guarantee, if not satisfied. 
You can order Life's Abundance for your Collie at:

Q. Do you breed your females every heat cycle?

A. We do not breed every heat cycle. We do not breed one-year-old females either. We feel our females need time to recover and just have fun being a part of our family. We continue to strive to improve our collies, trying to remain true to the AKC Collie conformation while maintaining the temperament and health of each litter.
Q. Do you require a visit to your facility before the purchase of a puppy?

A. You are not required to visit. You are welcome to visit our facility anytime to see where the puppies are born, and how they’re being raised. Just let us know if you would like to stop by and visit our Collies and our facility. Our Collies are our family pets… The puppies are played with, socialized, and nurtured until arriving in their new homes. We desire our puppies to become members of their new family and fit right in…

Q. Do you require all non-show quality puppies that are for sale to be spayed/neutered?

A. Spaying or neutering is done (at the appropriate age) by the decision of the new owner.

Q. What is the difference between Full and Limited AKC registration?

A. AKC stands for the American Kennel Club. Full AKC registration means you are allowed to participate in all AKC sanctioned events. Full AKC registration also means that future offspring produced can be registered with the AKC.
Limited AKC registration means the puppy comes from fully registered, purebred parents and can be registered with the AKC. Limited registration does not allow for any offspring produced by "limited" AKC registered dogs to be eligible for AKC registration. Limited participation will be allowed in some AKC sanctioned events.

Q. If for some reason we are unable to keep the dog after we purchase it, do you require the dog to be returned to your facility?

A. If your family is unable to keep the dog, and if we have space available, we will take the dog in, and find it a new home. No refunds are given. Each family does have the option of finding a new home for their dog on their own, to try and recoup their expenses (please update Goldleaf Collies). If the family is not interested in taking the time to screen all new potential families for their dog, the dog is required to be brought back to our home. Dogs are not to be given to the Humane Society, or Shelters as an option.  We do not authorize, or suggest euthanizing any puppy/adult collie.  

Q. Do you sell/consign your AKC Collies to pet shops, or research facilities?

A. No we only sell our Collies to individuals/families.

Q. How do I obtain information about showing my Collie in conformation or obedience?

A. The AKC website has a wealth of information on Dog Shows. The three types of dog shows are specialty, group and all-breed. Remember, your AKC registered Collie must be at least six months old to enter a show. 

Q. What is the standard size of the Female and Male Collie?

A. The standard size of a Female Collie is 22”-24” tall and 50-65lbs. The standard size of the Male Collie is 24”-26” tall and 60-75lbs. The larger, what I call “Farm” Collies can/do grow to over 100lbs. The “Lassie” used to be bred larger, as the child actors matured, which is one reason why we see the larger Collies around today.

Q. What is the difference between a “smooth coat”, and a “rough coat”?

A. The Smooth Coat Collie has a short, hard, dense, flat coat, with an abundance of undercoat. The Rough Coat Collie is the “Lassie” look, or longhaired Collie.

Q. What colors do Collies come in?

A. Collies come in a variety of colors. 
1. Sable/White is predominately sable (a fawn sable color of varying shades from light gold to dark mahogany) with white markings usually on the chest, neck, legs, feet and the tip of the tail.
2. Tri-Color is predominantly black, carrying white markings as in a “Sable/White and has tan shadings on and about the head and legs.
3. Blue Merle is a mottled or “marbled” color predominantly blue-grey and black with white markings as in the “Sable/White” and usually has tan shadings as in the “Tri-color”.
4. Sable Merle is a mottled or “marbled” color predominantly brownish merling on the body or head and may or may not remain at maturity, with white markings as in the “Sable/White”. 
5. White is a predominantly white, preferably with a sable, tri-color or blue merle markings. 

Q. What does “Wf” mean?

A. “Wf” is an abbreviation for “white factored”. White factored dogs usually have a large white frill, a heavy white tail tip, possibly a body splash of white hairs and white extending upward from their hind feet over the stifle and will meet the white underbody.

Q. What is a “Tri-factored Sable”, or “Tf”?

A. Sable Collies carrying the tricolor gene in conjunction with the dominant sable gene.

Q. How do I house-train my puppy?

A. I prefer to use the Crate-Training method. A Collie, (as with any dog) would prefer to not mess where they sleep. If you can confine them in a small area, they will then notify you when they need to go. Give them the command, “outside” and take them outside to the area that you want them to go. If your puppy wets/poops in your home, wipe it up with a paper towel, and then place the paper towel outside where you want the puppy to go next time. Each time you take your puppy outside, immediately bring him/her over to the paper towel, and give the command, “go potty”. Remember to bring your puppy outside right away after eating, sleeping, and playing. Collies learn very fast, so don’t worry their bladders will become stronger, and they will be able to hold it for longer periods of time. This too shall pass… before you know it – potty training is done… 

Q. What books do you recommend to read about Collies, or just dogs in general?

A. * The Collie Breeder's Handbook - by the Collie Club of America
* The Care Of The Collie-Written For The Amateur - by F.W. Avery
* Collie - by Samatha Moore
* Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats - by K. R. Schultze 
* The Collie: Its Show Points - by Thomas Baker
* The Nature of Animal Healing - by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M. 
* How To Raise And Train A Collie - by Sarah Barbaresi
* Purely Positive Training Companion to Competition - by Sheila Booth
* Collie Genetics And Breeding - by Dr. Lee Ford
* Collies As Pets - by Madeline Miller
* The Collie A Veterinary Reference For The Professional Breeder - by Sharon Lynn Vanderlip
* What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines - by Catherine O’Driscoll 
* Training and Care Of Collies - by Edwin Andrew Rogers 
* Emergency First Aid For Dogs - By Tamara S. Shearer, D.V.M.

Q. Is the Collie a good dog for children? 

A. Yes, Collies are excellent with children. They are very gentle, and are quick to learn. Collies are known as the guardians, or keepers of children. If you take your collie on walks, they will herd the family, and worry about keeping everyone together when you are walking down the road. They adore their families and always watch over and protect them. We always suggest reading up on "Collies" if new to this breed of dog. You can check out the website, search for any breed description to learn/find out what type of breed is best for your situation.

Q. What is included in the price of my Collie? 

A. Price includes: the Collie puppy, AKC Registration paperwork, CERF Exam, Interstate Health Certificate (when needed), Acclimation Certificate (when needed), Shots, Worming.  

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