New Families 2
Here are the puppies when they were picked up to go home.

Click on a picture to see it larger:
Peyton with the folks and brothe & sister of Sam. Sam is in SC and is getting Peyton brought to her.
Sam sent me her picture with Peyton!
Rich and Jeanne named him Escher, after a famous artist!
Maya, the puppy is a daughter of Ginger and Buddy.
Victoria with her new puppy, Clark. He is a Pearl/Winston boy fron Jan 2008.
Eileen and Dan with their children and Callie, a Pearl/Winston puppy from Jan, 2008. Their daugther knew the name of all of the puppies and my dogs when she arrived here!
Ray and Marcia with Riley at my house. Riley is a puppy out of Emma by Winston, Jan 09.
Lassie and Patricia, taken by Steven at the airport in FL when my Cameron became their Lassie! She is Emma's puppy by Winston, Jan 09.
Barbara with Jazz at the Seattle Airport. He is Pearl's puppy by Buddy, Dec 08.
Julie with her new puppy, Madge, a Pearl/Buddy puppy Dec 08. 
But, that's not all..........
Ora, Julie's Mom, sent for Enya, Madge's sister and now they have the two sisters together.
Madge and Enya, together always. They are Pearl and Winston puppies Dec 08.
Lisa and Lola in Alaska. Lola is out of Diva by Winston, Dec 08. There are several other pictures of them, and Dad Michael, on the growing up page.
Mary and Sid with their new boy Alfie. He is a Pearl and Buddy puppy Dec 08. Mary held him when he was only a week old!
Cooper, Susie/Winston puppy, going home. What a great thing for a daughter to do for Mom, with Dad's OK!
Watson, Pearl/Winston puppy 09, heading home with Penny and family.
Newly,Pearl/Winston 09, with Carol and Dick, going to IN.
Apache, Pearl/Winson 09, at home in CA with Peg.
Prince and Forrest went home with Carmaine to WI. I'll have to find the pictures she sent me! The weather was getting harsh and she left before I remembered to get a picture.
Prince and Forrest at home.
The first day that both  Prince and Forrest were home in WI.
When Doug and Carol chose Max he was only two-weeks-old. 
I kept him until Doug retired and could be home with him.
After many visits, the day came when they left with him.
This is Carol with Max.
Lisa came all the way from North Carolina and picked up Seamus. 

He will get to go to "the Office" with her!
Lots of kisses 
for Sofie 
from Mary and Sid.

Sofie will have Alfie, a Goldleaf Collie already at home,  as her mentor.
Sabrina will have her puppy, Pandora, flown to CO when she gets the new home set up.

Then, Ryan will come back from Afghanistan and meet up with his wife Sabrina, baby daughter Emma and the puppy he found from so far away!
Emma, Sabrina and Ryan's daughter, with Pandora and Sabrina. Pan is an Enya and Winston puppy born in January 2010.
Maggie and her new best friend, Lacey. Looks like a great pair.
Amber in Wisconsin with Carol and David, a Susie/Winston 2006 puppy. we recieved a beautiful picture of her as a one year old!
Charlie in IL with Barbra, a Ginger/Winston 2006 puppy
With Kathy in IIlliniois, a Ginger/Winston girl, 2005.
With Terry In Illinois, a son of Susie and Winston, 2006. His name was Perry because he was the biggest puppy we had.
Molly in TN with Paul and Phyllis, Ginger/Winston 2007. She had her named changed and this one fits her well! One of the two of our puppies who now has a Great Pyreness pal.
Sadie and Murphy in VT, Ginger/Winston, 2007. Doug and Renee drove here and I'm so happy to have met them in person! We had such a good time! Renee has an article on the blog.
Chloe in Illinois with Rob and Kim, a Sofie/Winston daughter, 2005
Samantha with Kevan and Erica's children in Illinois, Ginger/Winston 2006.
Serina in Illinois with Margaret, a Susie/Winston daughter, 2007. She comes here for daycare!
Timmy in NJ with Ed's daughter. I named him after Lassie's owner and they kept it. He was on the Lassie website soon after they got him! Ginger/Winston son, 2007
Lexi in Illinois with Don and Cindy, a Susie/Winston daughter 2006. now has a sister from Pearl/Winston 2008, our first Blue, Sasha.
Lucy in Illinois with Joy  and family. She goes to the same veterinarian my collies go to, a Sophie/Winston daughter, 2005. Christmas card came with a Great Pyreness beside her!
Kassie in CA, Buddy's sister, born June 2006. I bought both puppies for myself, but let Becky pick up Kassie, (she was in IL). I had just sold all of my puppies but Kallie, her granddaughter, needed one!
Sadie with Helen and Mark in MA. Ginger/Winston 2007. Helen chose Sadie long before she was 8 weeks old and came here to get her on a trip to IL to visit friends too.
Annie in Illinois, the kids were planning to show Annie in 4H!  She's a Ginger/Winston girl 2005.
Smith and Wesson in NM. Gary couldn't decide which one of the two to take. He saw them at 5 weeks old. When Pam came with him 3 weeks later, they took both, Susie/Winston, Ginger/Winston  2007
Hasten with Cristiana and family. They drove from FL to get him. He was just what she'd been looking for. She is a photographer and takes his picture with clients by their request! I guess he hangs out at her studio.
Lannie with Molly and family in OR. He is a Ginger/Winston boy 2005. She gave him an Irish name, he's Molly's collie!
Mike and Judy with Sandy, a Ginger/Buddy puppy from Feb, 2008. They live on a farm in my area and have brought Sandy by to see us again.
Max is getting a kiss from Dee. He is a Ginger/Buddy puppy from Feb,2008. They live close tous and I have heard good news about Max. At 9 months, he was 78 pounds!
Sue and Richard with Kathy and Glori- who is holding Bella, a Ginger/Buddy puppy from Feb, 2008.
Dave holding Cassie, a Pearl/Winston puppy from Jan, 2008. Pam holding Toby, a Ginger/Buddy puppy, with normal eyes, from Feb, 2008. They live in OH and will be breeding these two someday.
Cindy and Don with Sasha, a Pearl/Winston puppy from Jan, 2008. At home is Lexi, a tri-color Susie/Winston puppy from 2006. Pictures of them together are on the growing up page!
Lucy and Ken with Alvin.
This is Heart, a Diva/Winston puppy Dec 08, with Riley. Barbara is Riley's grandmother and Heart's owner.
Jean and Lynn with Bella in my front yard. This is one of my favorite going home pictures. Bella is Emma's by Winston, Jan 09.
Mike with his girl Lacie, Emma/Winston 09. Mike has Lacie living the good life in WI.
Reese with her new family, ready to go home and be everyone's best friend. She is a white puppy out of Pearl and Buddy, Dec 08l
Denise and Tim with Maggie, a puppy out of Enya with Winson being the sire.
Ruby was picked out online, but they came in from CO to pick her up to go home. Ruby is Emma and Winston's puppy6/8/2010
Jenn with Abbie, ready to go to her new home!
Pam was thrilled to come visit Abbie before she was old enough to leave me. Abbie is Susie's last daughter and one of Winston's.. Born 6/18/2010.
Oops, forgot that the extreme heat and humidity in the summer of 2010 would make my camera fog up when I brought it ourside. Hear is Mark getting Bear. Best adjustments I cold make.
The only other Jeri so far! (besides me).  She came from MO to get her boy, Rough.
Rick and Sheri brought their son to visit Mac, before Mac was old enough to leave.
Barb and Jeff with the girls picking up another girl- Lily Lynn Rose, a puppy out of Dive by Buddy, born 3/14/2010.
Craig and Wasil with Jake, a white, sable-head puppy made by our  tri-color, Diva and our sable, Buddy. Both parents are white factored. Jake went home to the Chicago area.
Kathy was amazed at how much Caleb had grown since she came and picked him out. Caleb is Diva and Buddy's son, 3/14/2010.
Mom and the boys picking out Madden at just a few weeks old.
Dad came and picked up Madden on an early Sat morning.
Mike with Reba and Reba's baby, Maggie, who is only 6-weeks-old, (before she could leave).
This is the last picture I took of Honey before she went home with John! 

Since I forgot to get his picture with her, he's going to send one back.
See why I thought to myself "How can I let her go?"
Justice is Pearl's puppy. 
He is in Maryland.
Ozzy is now in MA.
Patricia, a veterinarian, has Duncan at home in Oklahoma.
Sadie is in KY now. she's a tri headed white beauty! Pearl and Scout, 2010.
Amanda and Nick taking Lola home. They came to visit her several times and played with all of the puppies.
This was Koda, he's now Wiley, going home with Mom, Julie, and the boys! Reba and Scout, 2010.
Kaymus will live in FL with Roy and Tori. She sends me pictures! See them on the growing up page.
Ella, going to IN, with Susan and Bruce.
Deanne with Tucker.
Tucker's Grandfather, 
Mike, Eric and Jeanette with Maggie.
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!!
Jonlief has Bella in Fl finally! 
She worked on getting a puppy for a year and now has the love of her life.
Group picture of a Saturday at Goldleaf Collies when puppies are going home. 

Reba is in the picture, but she's staying here with us! My grand daughter looks unsure about her place in the picture.
Ellie is now in MN and will receive a lot of attention, don't you think?! 

She'll also have a new name soon.
I was so thrilled to get this family picture.  She fits right in!
Heidi, from CO, with Miss Butterfly, now named Zela.
Lisa, from NC, with Barrister, aka "Bear".
Nadine and Bill with "the kids",
 now including Buttons!
Deron now has Seymour. Faye, his wife, wrote and said "He's perfect"!
Frank and one of his three sons, Mike, drove from NE to get Alice.
Jewel, left,
going home with her new sisters.
Griffie with his wonderful new family 

and Watson, his Uncle.
Star with her new family and best friend Audrey.
Arthur was named Eddie by Al and Oksana. They gave him a wonderful week of devoted love. Due to a terrible allergic reaction, Eddie had to move on. He is now Charlie, but will forever be Eddie in their hearts.
Arthur, now Charlie, with Carl and Dawn.
Angie is so happy to get her puppy, Gia. 
Cal looks pleased as well.
Strider is now in Canada with Irina and family.
Kelly and Sheila 
with their girl Misty 
and, now the new baby, Gordy.
John came to get Russell for Janet and himself.
Denis and his wife with the new guy, Duffy.
"Hannah" is in Virginia.
Linda was overjoyed to get her little Rosie. With all of the "supplies" Rosie has now, she's going to be very happy too!
Cal came to pick up Buehrle.
Reba's boy, Chandler, is now Caymus. Reba/Scout.
 Andy and Lori are ready to take Jack and Barbossa home. 
These two "Pirates" get to grow up together.
I'm looking forward to the pictures!
They are Emma and Scout boys.
Leigh Ann and partner with Brink. She chose him when he was a tiny tiny baby. Now, she finally gets to take him home.
Rolo has a wonderful family to grow up with, Mike, Kelly, Mike, Elizabeth, and Chris!
Patrick is Murphy now! He will become best buddies with two brothers, and Maggie & Josh.

His adorable video is now on the video page.
He is Emma and Scout's puppy.
Jenn & Bret with Midas
He is Abbey and Howard's puppy.
Leslie and Woody taking Taffy home.
She is Abbey and Howard's puppy.
Sugar is  very sweet on Kristen!
Mary, (Mom), brought Kristen here several times to visit Sugar.
Hobbs going home with Jen and John.
He is an Abbey/Howard puppy.

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