New Families
Matt and TaraRick and Sheri with Nicholas, Emma/Scout puppy.
They have also adopted my retired Susie Q! Susie feels right at home. 
I visited them to get this picture!Abbey's girl, Bhreagha Willow, is going home with Betsy and Garald.  Our boy Howard, the sire, is in the picture, too!Lynn and Kevin with "the kids". 
Nathan is holding onto Ruby, (Emma/Winston puppy 2010) and Emma is holding the new girl Opal, (Emma/Scout puppy 2011). George with his Mom, Peggy, came to take Joey and Chloe home to Jackie and children.Jessica and GizmoJeanel and Mike with DillionJamie, my daughter, with Katie, Scout and Lily's daughter.Jamie's daughter, Hailey, with Katie.What a colorful new family picture for Jeff and Dana. Roxy is a bit unsettled, but she's only 2 months old!Bill and Nadine with a new baby boy, Logan.Maureen and James with Jazzie Jo, a highly anticipated going home day.Laura and Andy with Jeremiah. Oh, my- will he be called Jerry?
Isn't he adorable!Doug and Julie added Buster to the mix.Kim, Josh, Bill with two sable girls, Alaska and Bella.
Which one is A and which one is B?Lisa, and family, taking home a sable girl!Timmy, going home with Karen and Len.Wayne and Lou Ann brought the boys out to choose a puppy. He chose them! Now he's "Cubbie."Linda, and family, taking home Bailey, a sable girl!Raider is getting fitted for his first collar by new parents, Paula and Tom.Paula and Tom, from IA, with Raider and the girls.
 Tom wore the right shirt for this occasion!Krista and Matt, with Tina, ready to take little Artic home. He may someday be Tina's mate!Dawn has named her puppy Toby!Carol and Doug taking home their second Goldleaf Collie! 
Max is Lucy's uncle. He will be her mentor.Wendy and Jeff, with Johnathan, are taking Mogul to Ohio. Susan's mother wanted to name this Christmas-time puppy Jingles. How wonderful of Susan to give her Mom that privilege.Paula and Cindy with Jingles. Susan is at the table, doing the paperwork!Teresa and Larry have their puppy, Scout, to take home. After a few visits, the day finally came. Teresa with Howard. It looks like little Scout is ready to go! Ralph and Faith with Truly. 
They live only a few miles away!Buddy is going to live in WI with a brother, Lad, from one of our previous litters. Lou and Ken are already smitten!Pluto left on a windy day for Indianapolis, IN.
He'll be well loved, as we can see!Toby's family visited us before, so being able to take a puppy home this time was, well, sweet!Duncan will be living in Ohio.
His name will change when Ryan and Steph's kids meet him. They kept him a secret.
His name is now Yogi!Sable, going home with 
Jim and Carole to INPaul and his boys with 
their new boy, Bruno.Deirdre with her nephew, 
giving us a wonderful pose, 
before taking Charley home to IN. Hi! I am now "Guinness". 
My new family will take me home to WI. 
I have a half-brother already there, Cubbie, (son of Scout), who will help me adjust.  He will play with me and I will learn the house rules by his example.Erin and Bob with their puppy at 4 weeks old.At 8-weeks-old, Hugo can now go home!Jim and Lisa with Charlie. 
This is Charlie at 4 weeks old.Jim and Lisa with Charlie. 
We had a great time on a beautiful day.
So glad the other family members came along to enjoy it with us.Kingston, (Eddie), is home in MO with Matt, Jennifer and their four children! He'll be back for a visit someday.Lavone and family with Comet.
He will live in IA and get a lot of attention from an experienced collie person.Lady, going to Hinsdale, IL  with Sandy.
Already getting reports of a happy transition and great enjoyment.Cairo is ready to start a new life with Mike and Rita, the kids and the rest of their four legged family.Sandy and Ray with beautiful Jasper.​This couple has 4 boys! Now, Mom has her little girl, Yardley.The girls with the puppy we called "Starburst".
Sounds like we have another "Scout"!​Doyle and her boys! 
​He was Rex. Now he will forever be "Kellie".​Terri waited a long time, but here she is with her little Charlotte! She'll call her "Lottie".​Kathleen and Gary came to hold little  Spencer when he was only 2-weeks-old. Now they get to take him home.​Joan with her grand daughter and Classie.Rodeo with his new family in his new state, NJ. !A family with 4 girls and 2 puppies,
Buck and Buster.Keith and Karen with their family and the puppy, Emellebea.​Bob & Jeanne with Bailey
(Reba & Scout April 2013)​Vyacheslaw & Slava with Mishka.
Reba/Scout 2013​Patty & daughter with Walter.
Reba/Scout April 2013​Theresa with Camie.
Reba/Scout 2013​Julee & Gary with Elisa holding ReeseMallory and Ty with Oddie.
Reba/Scout April 2013​Ron with Sammy
Reba/Scout April 2013​Pam and Gary with Ripley.
Enya/Scout May 2013Susan with Annie.
Enya/Scout May 2013​Ted & Bernie with Rosebud
Enya looking on.
Enya/Scout May 2013​Karen With Clementine.
Enya/Scout May 2013​Daniel, lovingly called "Noodles", with Susan, Tim and the girls. 
Enya/Scout May 2013​Taylor & John with Finn.
Enya/Scout May 2013Forte on his way home!​Martin with "Holiday". 
Cleo and Scout's daughter, June 2013​Megan and Lila, the long name for Lila means "my heart is in her".
Cleo and Scout's 2013​Sidney and Steve with Pabu, which means "Puff Ball". 
Cleo and Scout's 2013.
Then, they choose sibling puppy to take home to him.Sidney with Nina, which means beautiful. Now they have a rough sable boy and a smooth tri girl!Ranger flew to SC. Lisa sent us this picture. He must have grown in transit! Winston & Misty, July 2013Ginger and Brad were able to come visit Auggie as he grew. Their going home went very well- but no picture that day! This is Mom, Ginger.This is Brad with Auggie.Paul with Ella. Winston & Misty, July 2013​This one is Mike and Simon on the actual day Simon went home. My camera fogged from being inside the house at 76 and coming outside to 87! Winston & Misty July 2013.Simon went with Mike to teach Spanish! Her name is Eva! She will stay here and grow up with her  Goldleaf Collie family. Blue Genes & Scout Sept 2013.Grace is in CAHow wonderful that Valerie, in red, named him "Leaf". She took him home to Canada. Joan, in green, is her  friend who already has a Goldleaf puppy, Classy. 
Blue Genes & Scout, Sept 2013Spartacus and his sister, Sassafras, were taken home to VA.
Blue Genes & Scout 2013.Gertie went home to Edwardsville, IL, with Charles.
Blue Genes & Scout 2013.Martin and Rene with their second Goldleaf Puppy, Winter.
Blue Genes & Scout, Sept 2013Millie with her new familyMara Jade is going home on Thurs. This is a visit before she was old enough to take!Bailey with Rudy and ElizabethI went home too. Gerry forgot to get a picture of me with Phil and Linda. Maybe they'll send one when I get my new name. My name is Snickers!Shelby flew to El Paso, TX. Gloria and Ray hoped she would become their son's companion. 
I got a call.....She is very bonded to him already. He calls her his little sister."Not named yet", with Stephanie, daughter and friend.Max,
 now in St Louis, MOLance with Rod and CarolPhil and Linda with Snickers. Enya/Graham 2014. Their son and his wife had Gibbs from Enya and Graham 2015Jim & Maureen with Beau. They also have Jazzie, a girl from a previous litter!​Mac with his new family.Dan and Robert with Jazzmine.Tempie with her new parents, Marjorie and Arthur.Nancee and Rick have Trixie, the Mama dog. They took Trixie and her daughter, Trina, home! 2/25/15This is our cutie, Bailey. She stays with us! TRIXIE AND GRAHAM, 2/25/15Dennis and Diane with Dash and their daughter. Enya & Graham born 4/26/15Arthur and Anna with Magdalene and  son Jeremy. Enya & Graham 4/26/15Kristine holding her little Robbie. Enya & Graham 4/26/15Kristine also had Dougal. He is from Alice/Howard 2014.
Tina and Kristine have met each other. They have two matching sets of siblings!Mike and Alcha with Gibbs. Enya & Graham 4/26/15.  Mike's parents also have an Enya puppy!Tina and Jasper. Tina also has Mia, our puppy from Cleo and Howard. She has been so helpful in taking pictures and being has been a good friend.Hailey with Macy. I'm keeping Macy here! She is from Enya's last litter. 4/26/15. BTW, she is now called Maya.
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