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This is Susie Q. She's in full coat and looking very good. Her last puppies were a year ago so we're hoping she'll have another litter yet this year, 2008.Where there is shade Winston will  be "on display".  I can't resist the chance to take his picture. I am so fortunate to have this luxury! Oh yeah, it does take some work, but I don't  mind at all.Emma, summer of 2008.Susie with Tigger, Pearl's puppy who went to NY. At the time of this picture, March 2009, we think Susie is expecting puppies of her own.Diva in Feb 2008. The grass is brown but the collie is pretty!Ginger on the back deck getting snowed on. She can get into our garage through a doggie door, but likes to look in the sliding glass door  at us. She can came in when she dries off!Susie with Serina and Beauty, both are her daughters and they came to visit.Mary and Sid came to pick out a puppy. Sid took this picture of Mary with Buddy and sent it back to me. They held Alfie when he was only one week old, came back and took him home at 8 weeks old.This is Bella, a  Winston and Emma puppy born Jan, 2009. She came here for a 4 day visit during a preplanned trip her owners had before they bought her. I was able to get this nice shot of her!My Pearl and my daughter's Diva, together in a sweet moment.  They were both expecting puppies when I got this picture! In fact, my daughter was expecting a baby too.Yeah, its Winston, lying around again! Hey, what else can he do on a summer afternoon?  He does his "work" for us in the early morning and late evening.Ginger really enjoyed her summer of 2008 puppies. Here she is with Sunshine.Serina comes here for day care occasionally. She plays 'til she drops, rests for a few hours, then goes some more. She is such a beauty and a character. We love having her here  (Susie/Winston puppy).Barbara with Diva, the mother of her first puppy, Heart.Barbara with Buddy, the farther of her second puppy, Jazz.Abby with my glaove! She is out of Pearl, by Buddy and is a sable/merle. The merle seems to disappear as the coat grows in more of the sable.Hannah, my grand daughter, with Susie Q, my tri-head white collie. Maybe I should say "her" collie. Susie stayed with Hannah awhile and they are great friends now. The puppies are Pearl's.Winston investigates some digging for a new tree. His puppy does what Dad does!Yes, you might want to have your toes counted.Reba at one-year-old, wow!Sable collies on the back deck enjoying a summer afternoon. I love it!Abbey and Winston, summer 2010. Tken by Jamie at her house.Dive with Enya's puppy Howie. Howie is Winston's son, who is n/e. We're keeping him for the future of Goldleaf Collies!Pearl with her blanket all bunched up into a pillow. Two of the grandkids playin with a litter of puppies.Susie with younger girls playing keep-a-way.The youngest grand child and Seymour, at 7 -weeks-old.Winston kissing our grand daughter.Chloe and Blue Genes, Spring of 2011Emma snuggling her puppies, Spring 2011.Group fun, especially for the one lying inside the round tile.Here's that tile again.Joey likes the toys so much!Joey tries to kill the toy!All worn out from the fight, he now loves his toy again.Playing the puppies, Kristen is enjoying the day she came to take Sugar home.Hannah and Megan, just doing their job at Gramma's house.Zach also "works" when he's here.
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* Training video news
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* Pictures of the collies here at our house.
* Trivia about GLC
* A picture of Gerry & Ed

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Homestead an Intuit Co.
Ed has always been a great help with the labor and paperwork at Goldleaf Collies. We now include him at the top of the page with the address! Here we are during a family photo shoot.
Here are some of the names of Goldleaf Collie Puppies, including seven puppies we kept for ourselves:

Abbie, Abby, Abbey, Alaska, Alfie, Alice, Alvin, Amber, Annie, Apache, Apollo, Artic, Augusta, Bailey-2, Bandit, Barbossa, Barklay, Bear-2, Beau, Beauty, Bey Bey, Bella-4, Bella Jade, Bhreagha, Billie, Blaze, Blue Genes, Bobby-2Robbie,,  Boone, Brink, Bruno, Buck, Buddy, Buehrle, Buster-2, Cairo, Caleb, Callie, Camie, Caption Jack Sparrow, Cassie, Caymus, Chance, Charley, Charlie-2, Charley,Charlotte, Chloe-3,  Clark, Cleo, Classie, Clementine, Comet, Cooper, Cozy, Daniel, Desi, Dolly, Duchess, Duffy, Dugal, Duke-2,  Duncan, Eli, Ella-2, Emellebea (MLB), Enya-2, Escher, Finn, Fitzhugh, Forrest, Frankie, Gentleman Jack, Gertie, Gibbs, Grace, Graham, Griffie, Griffin, Gritts, Goldie, Guinness, Hachilah (Lila), Hasten, Heart, Hobbs, Holiday, Holly, Howard, Hugo, Isaac, Izzie, Jake, Jameson, Jasper, Jasper Sheldon, Jazz, Jazzie, Jazzmine, Jeremiah, Jingles, Jo, Joey, John Silver, Junior, Justice, Kari, Kassie, Katie, Kaymus, Kellie, Kingston, Lacie, Lady, Lance, Lannie, Lassen, Lassie-3 , Laylla, Leaf, LeeLu, Legend, Lexi, Lily Lynn Rose, Lindy, Logan, Lola-2, Lucy-2, Luke, Luna, Mac, Mack, Macy, Madden, Madge, Magdalene, Maggie-2, Madison,  Mara Jade, Maya-2, Max-3, Megan, Mia, Milly, Mishka, Misty, Mogul, Molly-2, Murphy-3, Newly, Nicholas, Nikkie, Nina, Oddie, Ollie, Opal, Ozzie, Pabu, Pandora, Peanut, Penny, Pepper, Perry, Peyton, Prince-2,  Raiser, Ranger, Reba, Reese-2, Riley-2, Ripley, Robbie, Rocky-2, Rodeo, Rosebud, Rosie, Rough, Roxie, Ruby, Russel, Sadie-4,  Sadie Mae, Sandy, Sam, Sammie, Sammy, Sandy, Sasha, Sassafras (Sassy),Scout-3, Seamus, Serina, Shasta, Shelby, Shelly, Sienna, Simon, Sky, Skye, Smith, Snickers, Sofie, Spartacus (Sparty)-2, Spencer Seymour, Strider, Stormy, Sugar, Taffy-2, Tango, Tassie, Tempie, Thomas, Tigger, Tilli, Timmy, Toby-2, Toffee, Tony, Tomas, Trina, Truly, Tucker-2, Wallace, Walter, Watson, Wiley, Winter, Wesson, Wolfgang, Yardley, Yukio, Yogi, Zela, and Ziggy!

Goldleaf Collies reside in 34 different states: 

and Canada
* We have 32 families with two Goldleaf Collies.

*14 families have two puppies growing up together. 

*18 families now have their second/third Goldleaf Puppy.

* Vermont, Florida, Utah, and Virginia- the longest drives to come here for their puppy/puppies. 

* The longest flight was to Alaska.

* Puppies who live within approximately 10 miles of us: Lucy, Chloe, Lindy and Megan,      Charlie, Serina, Max, Cory, Nicholas and Susie, Jeremiah, Truly, Auggie, Mia and Jasper, and Trina.

My son, Chris, put a gold leaf on his head so I could take a picture! 

Yes, he's a fun guy to have around. 
I found a good video on Life's Abundance's Blog about dogs that like to dash out the front door. 
So, I've created a new page to view 
training videos.
Here is Ralph. He was born on 11/07/10. We named him after our Puppy Eye-Doctor, (Ophthalmologist), Dr Ralph Hamor, (You can see the good Dr. on the research page).
Ralph went to South Carolina.

I received an email from the lady who saved him from a shelter! Oh my goodness! Thankfully, he has a loving home now. But.....?
If anyone ever needs to let one of our puppies go, please tell me and I will help. Do not give him/her to a shelter of any kind!
Ralph as he is today! 
Safe and loved.
They are standing on a snow drift , looking over a 6' fence!
Check your yards for high drifts, please!
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Our great stud and loving friend, Scout has been diagnosed as sterile. We wondered why we had so few puppies last year, (2014). He is only 6-years-old on August 1, 2015! This was sad news for us, but he did a wonderful "job" and is in great health.
​Jamie showed Logan!
Illinois Collie Breeders:
My daughter, Jamie,
 is taking over!
Mattoon, Il
Cell- 217-722-1062