These are pictures of the puppies as they grow up. 

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Growing Up 2
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3 mo. Half-off Gold & Platinum
Maggie at her new home in MI. 

This makes me realize that there is peace on earth sometimes.
Bella and Strider, both from GoldLeaf Collies!
Bella, the one in FL.
Here she is again, on the couch that matches her, being such an elegant lady
Griffin, Pearl and Scout's son.
The white puppy is Griffe, brother to Griffen, (the blue in the previous picture).
Wow, Jake is the boy in front, Luke in back. Jake is only 7 months old here. He is a Diva/Buddy puppy.
Kaymus, a puppy from Reba/Scout,  Aug, 2010, taking a nap with Kiah.
Kaymus at the poll.
Maggie in the panty.
Maggie on Mike, so innocent now!
Ruby, Emma/Winston, June, 2010.
Sadie's first snow. She's Pearl/Scout's daughter, Aug, 2010.
Alice by the fireplace. She is Pearl and Scout's daughter, summer 2010.
Wolfgang, the sable, is Scout and Enya's son, born summer 2010.

Tony, the tri baby, is a full brother, born fall of 2011. They live in MA.
Jonlief's Bella. She is so adorable here at 5 months. Reba/Scout 2010.
Bella again, sitting up to be noticed! Or, is that really "to be spoiled some more"?
Ella, a Reba/Scout daughter. Her first snow!
Ella with grace and style!
Maggie in the pillows. She is a Reba/Scout daughter, 2010.
Maggie showing us how sweet she is!
Sammie and Kyle. This is Faye's boy now. He was Seymour when he was here. Kyle is one of 10 grandchildren. Sammie is a Reba/Scout son 2010.
The boys looking out the door at the snow.
Sammie with slippers, oh no!
Audery with Star. Makes me feel good inside to see this.
Alice at 6 months.
Bear, the fisherman.
Bella the model!
Charlie in snow. He is Scout and Diva's puppy, born Nov, 2010.
Chillin' Charlie
Gordy guarding the house from his window. He is Scout and Diva's from Nov, 2010.
This is JJ at about 6 months. He is Buddy abd Diva's  son born March, 2010.
Lola, Pearl and Scout's daughter born August 2010.
Abbie, Susie/Winston.
Abbie again, what a pose! I love ti!
Apache, he's in CA.
Bear is in NC, he's the fishing dog!
Close-up of Bear. He's an Enya/Scout son of 2010.
Bella and Strider
Beela in FL at a collie party.Cozy, all grown up!
Cosy, waking up. She's all grown up now.
Jack and Barbossa, two brothers who are growng up together.
Jack and Barbossa, Emma/Scout puppies 2011. Here in their new home.
Madden in his Jersey
Madden, after having had a ball with the tape dispenser.
Maggie, 6 months old
This is Bella. Jonlief wanted me to see her in the "Gold Leaves"!
Marissa with Duke.
Nicholas on one of his first nights in his new home. Sheri and Rick set up a very comfy place in the bathroom.
Lola gets to sleep in the arms of her Nick. She's out! He's kind of enjoying being "stuck" there.
New puppy, Opal, (Emma/Scout 2011) with her mentor, established puppy Ruby, (Emma/Winston 2010).
Did you get all of that? They are a year apart, half sisters.
Ruby is so sweet to let Opal sleep on her!
Peeny has three, one rescue and two Goldleaf, Watson & Griffie.
Strider's coat looks like a jacket on him!
Sadie. She is Miss May in our first calendar, as a puppy. Wow, did she ever blossom! Not Susie's puppy but she looks like her. She is Pearl and Scout's from 2010.
Sammie and one of the many grandkids they have! The little boy is in Sammie's crate.
Rick with Nick! Sheri was able to get a really good picture here of her guys. Nick is Emma & Scout's 2011.
Here you can see Nick's white coat. Looking forward to his grown up coat! What a cute face he has.
Sofie in the snow at Carol Stream. She's the second one Mary and Sid have from Goldleaf and now they also have a baby girl- a little person baby !
Sparty, now 5 months old.
Ruby, growing into a gorgeous example of what a puppy can do to melt your heart.
Opal with Ruby's Duck Toy! Or, maybe there are two ducks now too.
Little Opal and one-year-old Ruby. Growing up a second puppy with the help of the first.
Tucker at six months old.  Looks so much like my guy Scout, his father. But, I see the elegance of Reba there!
Eric and Maggie, before she was old enough to go home. She is a Reba/Scout puppy.
Then...................see the next picture..................
Just a few months later, I get this picture!
Tucker and family. be able to take a nap anytime, anywhere! This is Watson and Griffie, both are Goldleaf Collies.
Maggie always has such  attractive pictures.!
Susie and Nick after a trip to the groomer's.
Nick's front view, he's only 3 1/2 months old!Taffy,
Taffy, daughter of Abbey and Howard, here at 3 months old.
Now she's getting into that toy!
Brink, Reba and Scout's, at 3 months old.
Gordy, at 7 months old, he is Diva and Scout's.
Caymus has bonded with his new family! He's smiling.
Kaymus, in the middle, at 10 months old.
Keara with Taffy, how sweet is that?
Watson and Griffie together, with toys.
Tucker, June 2011, wow he's  a pretty one.
Strider and Bella, unrelated to each other by genetics, but both are Goldleaf Collies and now they are brother and sister!
Caymus and his going home fleece, now at his forever home.
Strider and a favorite toy, very cute.
Lori and the boys, Jack and Barbossa. She introduced them to their own play pool, adding more water each day. Great summer idea to keep them cool.
Pretty Serina, comes here over the July 4th celebration. Margaret, her owner, works on the committee. Serina is Winston and Susie's daughter.
Serina chewing rawhide.
Gordy was a little bitty puppy! He really looks great here! They came here to show him to me. I am so proud of him. But they're the ones who are taking such grand care of him.
Gordy looking straight ahead.
And now he looks to the other side. Wow, they really have a beautiful collie!
Jazz, from WA state, is Pearl and Buddy's son. He is all grown up now, but still looks like a cute puppy here!
Jazz, from the side, what a lovely coat!
Chloe with Grace in the background. 
See the next picture for Chloe's brother and Grace's twin sister.
Gwen with Joey! We are looking forward to more pictures.
This is Reese and Santa Clause. She went to Tondra and Darrell after having a puppyhood that was not ideal. Such a good thing that the right people found her and have made her a happy collie!

Kaymus, a beautiful boy at one-year-old!
He is Reba and Scout's son.

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